Business Class - need your input

I am thinking about creating a new series - Business Class, for those who travel often. In the main mode it will be energy efficient with only minimal design. When needed, the user would tap to change to advanced modes with more information. What kind of information would be useful in such a watch face? Your thoughts are very much appreciated!

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I’ll be curious to see the replies. I guess obviously multi timezone, maybe an alarm? I haven’t looked in to map apps on the watch but if there’s a decent one, or a google maps companion app, then a link to that app.

I’m always on the move (…well, before covid). What I appreciate the most when travelling are the reminders for flights, trains, meetings, etc. Then, I like to have a short description of the next event(s) in my agenda.
… Some features my phone already do … Hard to say to avoid double uses.
For long distance travels, a multi timezone is more than appreciated !