Buy favorites faces

Hello everyone
I have a premium account and I have 15/20 watch faces in my Favorites
How do I do to move these in Buyed?
If it’s possible…
Excuse for my english…

Good question

My purchases page is blank too.

Just guessing but it probably has to do with no actual transaction

As it bears even a momemt of curiousity by others, possibly the OP

Being a non premium, if you click and in turn purchase a face, is goes in your purchases page as a premium user, it does not, because as i said, i think, there was no actual purchase.

Which also means, if you let premium expire, you loose access to them.

This is all educated guess on my part from the little time ive been here


Well, what does this all mean?
I bought a premium account and I can’t keep everything I prefer when the subscription expires, because the faces can be added to favorites and not purchased?
So when the account expires I’ll be left with a fistful of flies or I’ll be forced to renew my subscription …

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@Facer_Official or someone with more experience will have to chime in but

I know once premium expires, the number of faces saved on your watch will reduce, cant remember how many but, it will reduce and youll be limited to switching between those saved

Back then it was better that I bought the faces as a normal user and didn’t do the premium…

Dear beatnickjones
with premium subscription you can try all the faces and at most insert the ones you like in the favorite category. You can not buy anything and once the subscription has expired only the faces remain in the favorites and I do not know if they can be used as purchased …

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