Buying a watchface?

How can I buy a certain watchface without going Premium ?

Welcome @esarani. As I understand there are faces that are free, faces that cost money (not 100% sure about this) and faces with premium features. If they have premium features, you have to get premium to use them.

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I know that,there are only free and premium. I am asking how can I buy a particular watchface without going premium.

I believe you just tap on the Sync face button for the face you want in the App. For a paid face you should be directed to a payment confirmation page I think. Have you tried that, does it work?

No it always shows Premium to sync

Mmm, strange.

If you go to the “Facer Premium Feed” on the front page of the App, you will see a number of paid watch faces. I know for certain the current second one is a paid face because it is one of mine. If you try to sync one of those do you get the same message?

The reason I ask is that it I just wanted to make sure that you are actually clicking on a paid watch faces as a opposed to a premium watch face. And just to be clear, you can not buy a premium watch face, these are subscription only. You can only buy a face that shows a price under the watch face in the App.

Thank you for clarification and help. It works now. I must check some of yours :smiley:

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I’m glad you managed to get it working!