Buying one year / 50% discount

I attempted to purchase the one year / 50% discount for €19.99 and thought the purchase went through but there’s still no hold against my credit card.

Thanks, Dave Horne /

Does this help? How do I update my Facer Premium payment information? – How can we help?

I have tried several times to buy your one year / 50 percent off deal for €19.99.

My Google Play Store account shows my address. My account is also linked to that account.

I’m wondering if that’s the source of this issue.

My Samsung account uses my address and I see as my primary account for the Play Store.

At any rate, I’ve purchased your one year deal twice online though don’t see any holds against my card. I’m assuming it didn’t get processed.

I am open to suggestions on how to proceed.

By the way, when I attempt to change from (within the Play Store) from to my account, I’m told that account already exists and I can’t proceed further.

I apologize if I’m making this even more difficult. Thanks, Dave Horne

My issue has been resolved.

Even though my Mastercard was listed in my methods of payment, I hadn’t given my CCV number.

Once I did that, the order went through and I now have a Premium account.

Thanks, and sorry to have taken your time with this as the issue was at my end.

Dave Horne

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