Calculating - Previous month's total days

Instead of a rotating day of the month wheel. I wanted to create a list of days in the month. My issue comes to dates surrounding the start and stop of the month. How would I calculate dates for the following/proceeding month?

In its simplest sense I know today’s day in the month with #Ddl#. How do I calculate months where days end on 28,30, or 31 days?

Or should I just give up on this and consider a 31 day wheel?

So I’ve figured out the Following month by using the following:


Basically if the Current Day of the Month = Maximum day of the Month, then either 1,2, or 3 for the various positions. The result looks like this:

Still no clue on doing the proceeding month days.

Hi @eradicator09, can’t take credit for this it was all Professor @Mellin work: Have a look at this thread:
Date plus and minus 1 day
Just search the above term, not sure how I link you to thread

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I don’t get it, but it looks cool. I was gonna say 12 different dials for the 12 different months, this way seems better.