Calculation Limit? Arc Tangent?

I am working to create an off-center analog hand that will stretch to an image around the perimeter. The code works beautifully within the editor, but on the mobile app and on the watch, any object with the (substantial) calculations on it disappears.
Here is the example face I’m experimenting with.

In the example above, the x and y distance “arms” work fine, but the arm that orients and stretches to the hand disappears.
-Edit- After playing around with it some more, I think maybe it’s the atan function? It isn’t in the documentation, but it worked in the online editor, so I assumed the app could also do it. Any confirmation y/n? Also, any suggestions for how else to manage this effect without arctan?

I don’t believe ArcTan is available on all ( any ? ) watches; although I would love to be corrected by someone who knows for sure :slight_smile:

An alternative is to use an approximation. ( discussed in this link )

The best approximation in the paper is given by

A less accurate but substantially less complex approximation is given by:

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This is amazing, thank you! Fingers crossed I can make it work!

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You’re incredible! I managed to get it working, though the code is pretty ugly! Haha.
Now to test whether using that much math has an appreciable negative impact on battery life.

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Happy to help - I’m glad it worked!