Calendar agenda in watchface

Can anyone tell why Facer doesnt feature the Calendar events in its complication?
Watchmaker is doing this for a long time!.
Please let us know when can this feature be implemented here!

Hi is there any possibility to add calendar events?

I too am very interested in a calendar agebda option in the watchface. I am very new to Facer design and I haven’t gotten the chance to explore it much yet, but here’s what I’m very interested in. I would like a watchface design that is like the Galaxy Watch stock watchface called My Day, that shows upcoming events and reminders on the edges of the dial, or the Sectograph watchface/app available in the Google Play store for Wear OS watches (or maybe a combination of both). I want something that will allow me see events, reminders, and or to-dos on my watchface to make daily planning more efficient and organized. If anyone has any suggestions on how this might be accomplished or if it’s even possible that would be great! Thanks :slight_smile: