Call for Contribution! Vote 2018!

Hi Facer Designers!

As you know, it’s voting season and our voices are more important now, than ever!

Regardless of your affiliations, or country of origin, your vote has value and we’d like you to rock your best voter style! :sunglasses: :fist:

This call has a quick turnaround, but we’re excited to see what awesome designs come forward - contributions end Monday the 5th @ 12pm U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

:arrow_right: Please tag your designs with: #VOTE.

Looking forward to awesome designs!! :muscle:

A Few Simple Watch Face Examples:

Thanks Designers,
The Facer Team


@mluca328 and @Facer_Official I fully agree, Everyone should take the time to vote. Heres My contribution.


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Here you go!

Random choice/vote on wake up :slight_smile:

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Here’s another one that I had to search email for. As posted in the other boards, I cannot add to collections or download my profile completely. FWIW two days to go: