Calories burnt tags

Hi i am totally new to Facer so i do apologize in advance if this question has been answered before. I am trying to find a tag for the calories burnt but seem to find only for step count and heart rate. Is this a premium feature or how do i get it to work. I have seen already made watch faces that has the calories burnt working.



You have to do some math using the step count as the basis for calculating calories. I use the expression that TOMAJA posted here in the community for calories.



Thank you for your reply. Can the Facer app not just use the live values that the watch build in calorie app has. I have the gear s3 and it shows the live calorie burnt data but i would like to sync that with the facer app just like the step count.

No, sadly Facer can only use data that Samsung and WearOS watches allow it to use.

AAAugh thats a pitty. Thank you for your support.

Sorry just one more question. The watch faces that is placed on the gear store made by random people do they use a different app to create the face that allows for them to have the proper permissions cause their apps seems to use the phones live data fine.

Yes they do and it’s through Samsung so they are going to have more access to the watch data. But they won’t work on WearOS so anything made there is going to be Samsung only. I started to set myself up to work on their platform, but it required me to download and run Java which is buggy and has a lot of security issues. I refuse to have that on my computer especially in the day and age we live in now.