Calories Tag Added?

Im fully aware this topic has been discussed alot… but I’d like to know why exactly can this not be added as a tag? considering you can use Complications and then scroll thru a list of options to add Fitbit Calories as an option.

Unless the Dev has done this on purpose to boost sales for the PRO part of the editor…

In that case can you give use more customizing with Complications like removing the default static icons which come with the bigger Circle/Square Complications? as this limits the way we can use them. If we are paying to use a feature there should be better ways to use it.

If it was added as a #TAG# then we could customize it any way we want.

I’d happily keep paying for Pro if this was considered.

The devs should take a look at there editor is very complex has HEAPS of tags expressions and has access to fitbit data by default. only adds custom font and other fancier features behind Premium cost.

Its hard to belive that Facer cannot access basic health data from the watch to display when the complication has access to it…

For a fitness watch face alot of people including me like to keep an eye on calories and of course we can scroll thru the watch and goto the calories tile… but why do that if you can just tilt your wrist have a quick glance at a nicely designed face showing all the stats you need to see.

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I have Pro and that is not a thing inside Pro. To use calories as a reading it is done with an expression based on the step count. You can find out how here: [TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] How to Convert Steps into Miles, Kilometres, Calories & Sport Time


I know it can be somewhat shown in expression as I’ve stated above in my original post… the PRO part was talking about the Complication part. not the expression.

I also stated I didnt want to use expression due to it not being accurate at all as it can only be calculated by steps etc.

If it cannot show the exact amount that the watch itself can calculate based of calories burned by heart rate and natural calories burnt for the age weight etc then I dont want to show it on a watch face as its not accurate its only an estimate which if your calorie counting will not help.

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That’s your choice, I just wanted to make sure you knew it could be approximated with an expression.


I appreciate your comment letting me know its possible to estimate it thru expression.

Very true its my choice but I can also assume a few others would like this option also.

But for now I guess I will just leave the Complication part for my personal watch faces I use.

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Facer is made to work on different watches and (I guess) that’s the source of problem.

Google is developing Health Connect app, it should solve this problem. The idea is to collect all health data in one place and then apps like Facer could read data from that one health database.
But it’s taking forever, Google is developing it for 2 years now.

Samsung, for some stupid reason, does not allow access to Samsung Health so no other app can read and show health data. Even if you use complications.

Calories are always just a calculation no matter what app or watch you use.
For example: Samsung Health and Google Fit will show different results (about 15% difference) with same input data.


Yeah it’s not fun having to wait especially since they been working on it for years. But I guess we will see what happens.


@blzd87 like Blood pressure for Accurate measurement of any Health Data the Sensors have to be calibrated . The Heart Rate is sorted because all that is needed is an optical Sensor . They have had that off pat for many years . To calibrate the Calorie count properly they need loads of data and a good run at it . The data includes all your Biometrics and how much you eat . Your sleep pattern and lots of other stuff . The watch Health App would need GPS on to ascertain if you are Swimming , Running , Walking or Crawling on the Floor . Facer are never going to put their hand up for that . Samsung are still Struggling struggling to get their Heart Rate Monitor Past the FDA .
People put Calorie counters on their watches for fun . It is a Fair comparative Test that encourages people to do their walking Exercise .

It gives a general picture. I do find it usefull.
For example it helped me understand that I have to walk about 170 miles for one McDonalds’ meal.


Today’s example: one hour of sweating in the gym and now I can eat two apples…


I find weighing myself a better representation of how many calories I burn compared to how many I eat. If the scale reads higher, I either need to burn more or eat less.



My scale must be broken, always shows higher.


My Wife Has a Set of Scales like that . That Gravity is a Variable . It is different all over the planet .


@russellcresser @masterboyhr

I have said for years now that weight is nothing more than a random number showing how much the earth is attracted to you. :rofl:


Thank you guys, you made me laugh!

:smile: :smile: :smile:

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