[TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] How to Convert Steps into Miles, Kilometres, Calories & Sport Time

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According to this discussion I prepared my coding (calculation, transformation) of steps converting into miles, kilometres and as a special bonus into sports time. There is a plenty possibilities how to change a step counter into different another useful indicators. However, please consider that all this new generated data will be only an approximation close to an “average person” walking activity :walking: .

:fire: Steps into Calories (Burned Calories) :fire:


:checkered_flag: Steps into Miles :checkered_flag:


:checkered_flag: Steps into Kilometres :checkered_flag:


:watch: Steps into Sports Time :watch:


Minutes Only (min)


Hours & Minutes (hh : mm)

(floor((round(#ZSC#/110))/60)) : ((round(#ZSC#/110))-60*(floor((round(#ZSC#/110))/60)))

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What are you using for average step distance? I did one a while back and used the follow:
Steps to Miles

Steps to KM

If you want to get super specific, you can use the following chart based on individual heights:

I updated based on this chart:


Hi, @eradicator09 I can not remember my exact source any more. I just made a recherché through different websites and then used one average value.

Great that you posted the whole table with extra information here!

Yeah. I’m not sure where I came up with the original 2.65’ stride. I know that speed also makes a difference. The faster you go. The longer the stride. So it can get really complicated.

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Thank you! I am looking forward to trying those. :slight_smile:

I try my first watchface with calories and i searched for more information, thank you Thomas for your helpfull information.


This is exactly what I need… I’m still learning more complex calculations and those here are one of the most I want it… Thank you so much! More tutorials please! :wink:


Very useful :smiley:

The information on here is so useful !
thank you Tomas :handshake:

Thanks a bunch Tomas! I am using this in my watch faces.