Can anyone in a different timezone please test my worldtimer?


I don´t know if my worldtimer bezel and Hand is working correctly. I can only test it for my current place (Germany UTC/GMT +1).

I get a different result when i look in showcase mode and so i am unsure…

Bezel rotate by tipping on left (UTC-1) and right (UTC+1) side, on top you can reset to utc 0.

The Hand with the green/red tip should always show the time at utc (London/Greenwich) in full hour.

Any other ideas/formulas are very welcome.

Greetings, Phantasico

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I have working code that can get year, month, day and hours, minutes from #DNOW# which is UTC based. This can easily accept addition/subtraction of hours/minutes to switch to different timezones … and will correctly handle end-of-year, leap years, etc.

See thread:
Feature request: time/date engine (aka 'black box')

What formula are you using?

Hey Phantasico,
Yes this works fine and good idea. I started something like the Phillipe (the 5930G). Never finished it because we couldn’t turn the outer time zones.

I was thinking of a dot or a little pointer for the second time zone.

I was also undecided about #DWFKS# local & #DWFK# 2nd zone when you have the 2nd zone set to your own time zone it looks weird with #DWFKS#.


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Very cool idea. Works perfectly for Sydney :slight_smile:

That looks awesome @jmorga106

Hi @andrew.dowden

Thanks for your help.

My actual formula on the UTC hand is very simple.

(((#DUH# * 30)+30)-(#VAR_1# * 30))

Seems to work but it´s for sure not the best solution…


Great watch face, you should refurbish that one with the new #var# commands.

@roycaruso: Thank you for the feedback.

Greetings, Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Maybe I’ll wipe the dust off and retool it @GAUSS . Not a big call the first time around. Literally only 6 sales. I deleted it from my portfolio months ago.

And thanks @roycaruso


You should do! Add some expressions and make it themeable.

By the way …

Thanks to @andrew.dowden i now have a new perfect working UTC-Worldtimer version…

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Super cool

ok @GAUSS I’m retooling my world timer but not the Patek Phillipe. Stay tuned, there’s a lot of work going on here.


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