Can anyone make this?

Hi guys.

I have tried to make my own watch face but am really not any good.
Can anyone make this face for me
The photo doesn’t show it very well but it has battery percent in top left corner in purple
Date and time in purple
Active minutes in teal
Stepsin pink
Floors in orange
Calories burned in pink
Distance in miles in teal
These are all inside circles that go round as you reach more of your goal…

Then bottom left is resting hr and right is current hr

I have the background pic…

Can anyone help at all???!!!

Hi @mrskatyoung I’ll give it a go, can’t guarantee it’ll look exactly the same though. Also, I’m not entirely sure if Facer supports all those functions but it’s worth a try!

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Hi mrskatyoung,
Is this a friend’s watch face that you want on your own watch? It might be good to check with the original artist/designer to see if it’s ok to copy.

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@dubblebee that would be amazing if you could. Thank you so much! People here are so kind
@Linlay it was a face I designed myself on fitbit but it isn’t so easy to do here…

Have attached the pic I used if it helps at all @dubblebee

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Do you want to use the whole image this time or crop it like the last one?

@dubblebee I think I’ll leave that up to you as you’re being kind enough to do this for me !!!

Did you check the copyright on that?

No I didn’t

Hi @mrskatyoung
Here’s what I’ve done so far.

This has actually proved a little more complicated than originally thought!

Firstly, Facer doesn’t seem to have data access for “Resting Heart Rate”, “Floors” or “Active minutes” and I’m not sure there’s an easy way to calculate this.
Secondly, the “Calories burnt” and “Distance” can be calculated but an an average estimate of
1 step = 2 feet

The stats are all based on a daily max step count of 10,000 steps. This can be edited in the design, but is hard-coded (it doesn’t pull that data from your watch).

To get the ring effect I’ve had to use a masking technique and this can only be done when using a solid coloured background which is why I’ve moved them down from the cat’s face onto the black bg.
As the calorie and distance stats are based on the step count, the rings will also move related to the step count max.

I hope that all makes sense, have a play around with it yourself and change however you see fit.


You should remove the grey parts or change them to black…will look better…

Yes, the mask element needs resizing

EDIT: Fixed now.

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@dubblebee that’s amazing thank you for all you have done. Such a shame about floors, I have no idea how other people do it?!
You’re a total star and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to help me.
How do I now edit this? Just to move the battery so I can see it etc. Maybe even put the battery down with the other circles and have it work the same way… (I’ll copy your code haha)
Thanks again. So very kind

Hi @mrskatyoung
It’s still in draft status but I have enabled Inspection mode, let me know if you still can’t view the details.