Can anyone recreate this astro boy watch face?

I imagine it would be quite easy, but there is the copyright question to be addressed! Therein lies the difficulty.

Ive looked everywere online and found nothing and ive sent messages to the person that has it on there watch but ive had no reply yet.

Ive spent days looking and i have found nothing

I did one Search on my phone . See the screenshot . I see a couple of nice Faces on the Subject . I do not see the one you have shown . It might not even be a Facer Face . What I do if I see something I like is open the Profile of the Maker and see if there are any other Faces on the same subject . Some times you have to do some of the Walking to get anywhere . ENJOY.

I have seen them about but nothing like the one i actually want

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Appeal to one of the Makers that has something near what you want . They are not all on the Community . If you posted some resources here . Background image etc . someone might pick it up . As I said you might have to do some of the Walking .

Here’s my go at it


That looks great

I reached out to the Andamira company who acquired the rights to Astro Boy in 2019. They came back saying they no longer have the rights. I now reached out to (official site named after the author). Hope they get back to me and see what they have to say.


Well . That is what a decent community is about . I have contacted a few copyright holders now . They are always very happy to allow thier works Use on a Face . Respect to you for doing it properly .
Nice Face , should be Popular .


If they say its ok could you copy it perfectly?

What I have asked is to be able to use copyright material with the owner of the rights, which has nothing to do with the watch face you posted. I would never do an exact copy of another person’s work. That would not be fair and it would be stealing someone’s idea.

I found the watch face inspiring and may do something similar.


Ok thank you

Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd has come back to me saying, I quote:

Dear Tom

Thank you for your inquiry.

We charge royalties if you sell watch faces using our characters.
In the other words, you can not use our characters without paying royalties to us.


So I conclude from that, that free watch faces should be OK to publish.
And I won’t accept money from anyone :wink:

Current watch faces in the pipeline:

stay tuned…


That is Fair and pretty Standard Policy . It is good proffesional Courtisy to Ask . Well done .

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Thank you