Can anyone tell me how to clear watch cache?

So my goal is to become a premium builder. But doing revisions is awful. Heres the deal. Once I sync a watchface to my test watch… its in there forever? When I update the watchface with new graphics or revised parts… they dont update on my watch. they reload the old version. so my question is, how to clear the watches cache, as to allow the updated version to load…this causes me great concern as a designer, cause as a perfectionist, I study my faces , and like to improve and make revisions… so if I cant get the updated faces on my watch, would anyone who has already synced my faces get the new version?.. Makes editing a scary process… Any help here would be super… I have uninstalled the FACER app on my watch … when I reinstall the same faces are still there… So the only thing I have not tried is to format my test watch… but that would SUPER DUPER OOPER dumb… as anyone who gets a face be me, may never be able to update my faces without reformating thier watch… Come on? there got to be a better way… Thanks …ML

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Ok now Im mad I can’t seem to get no help from anyone… Then out of frustration I factory reset my watch… So blank slate right… I restore my facer app, re sync and geuss what… MY OLD DESIGNS ARE STILL LOADING…But on they look fine…my wifes watch gets the right version…but my watch gets no updated versions… EVEN AFTER A FACTORY REST… SOMEONE ANYONE please help me… Test watch Gear S2 Classic 4g T-Mobile PS please dont blame the fact that it is a S2, my wifes watch is also an S2 and it gets the updated vesions just fine, could it be my account perhaps? she is not logged in to any account she just searches the name of the watchface and then syncs… anywho please help, thanks for listening

Hi. I read that you could remove them at some point, and also that there may be a 10 faces limit. But what cleared it for me was to remove that facer watch face, possibly also clearing the app cache for the facer app on my phone. Then after reinstalling the companion app it was cleared.