Can I add football future games dates?

Hey guys.
Im working on new watchface for me and my friends, that watchface will be about our football favorite team.
There is somehow option to add a news from app, lest say maybe date of the next game to the watch?

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I could imagine 2 possibilities:

  1. make your face with the dates and highlight the one coming up soon.
  2. not sure, but might be possible to use complications. BUT, this would require you to have premium subscription as well’s your friends.
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for the first option, do you have any example to give me?
lets say I have 6 games that I know the dates of, how can I do it?

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Something like:

(have not heard back, so removed the draft watch face)

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Well you jumped there Tom but I think you will have to share the code or an Inspectable link , for this one .

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Yes, it was a quick shot, now had some time to brush it up.

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Hi, you could do it manually, but each time you know more dates ahead, you would have to manually edit and resync the face. I dont think the updates go to watches automatically so probably your friends would have to resync or even remove and download it anew too.

You can use formula checking current day of year and showing next date until it is reached.
something like this:
$#DD#<=59?"Feb 28":$$#DD#>59&&#DD#<=61?"Mar 02":$$#DD#>61&&#DD#<=69?"Mar 10":$