Can i choose which faces appear under face in preview

Hi again.

I wonder and hope at the same time. Can i choose which 4 faces are shown when you review through browsing a face of mine, or any one else.

I have the impression i cannot and i find that disturbing. If i am wrong, forget what comes after this.

I want to be able to choose them so i can promote the faces i want to be promoted, not being based on the latest. I want to be able to choose them myself and to promote which i like to do with each face. If it is not present, can it please be changed and what is needed for that.

I tried using update - but not changing anything - on a face which is not shown between the 4, anymore. That is a pity, because that one was pretty popular. The Entertainer.

As a example i show you this link, the Entertainer fell off because i published a new one, this one.



We’ve been asking for that feature for a while. I think they might be working on it. For collections as well.


Love that Evolve Face, very nice work indeed :clap: Having one Hand on the Dim Display coloured White looks a bit odd to me though, but that’s just me :grin:


In Creator open the watchface you want to be shown on top.
In Creator - save it (you don’t have to change anything).
Repeat for another watchface. And another…

As far as I know it’s the only solution.

Yes, true for your main page of your profile.

But if you go to a specific watch face detail, there are 4 " Other faces by this designer". There only latest ones are displayed, not any you have updated.


I don’t know, it works for me (if we are talking about the same thing).

Here are the 3 I wanted, they are saved as I described:

I didn’t update them.
Just opened and saved in Creator.

@masterboyhr Tried save, did not work for me. Perhaps i have to wait but that seems unlikely. Do you use beta version? And yes i need it to be on the page of each choosen face where one finds OTHER FACES OF …

And of course i want to be able to choose each set of 4 faces for each face, not always the same 4. That is another reason why i want this to be changed. It is very needed to promote faces i want to promote.
Hopefully support listens in on topics about support?

Thanks for replying!

Update and save will move that face to the latest if someone taps on one of your watchs - “Other faces by this designer” will show latest watches updated. That is what most people will see, so promoting your watches in that manner works well. People need to tap on your profile if they want to look at many of your faces, and will likely look through them for something interesting so I don’t really think having the ability to promote there is all that important.
What I would do is create a folder/collection, and put the ones you currently want to promote there and label the collection “My latest and greatest” or “My favorites” or anything you want. Keep that collection as number one by updating that collection and that WILL keep that collection as the first one on the left that people will see.


Hi @thomasfmal. I don’t have behaviour data about how customers find my faces. That’s a pity. There are several possibilities. But the point is, I want to decide which faces are shown for each face separately, especially there where someone clicks - accidentally- on mine and sees other faces made by … There is a reason why it is there in the first place, not? And that reason is promotion, an opportunity I want to control, next of course what I do on my home page. I can think of many other reasons why I need that, perhaps I want faces shown there of the same style, a snap out of my collection, perhaps I want to show there faces with a different price, or …In each of these cases, I should be able to choose.

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OK. Got to try that…, thought it would make no difference if you update or save…

I just did it again to make sure it works and yes, it works.

As you can see, the one I opened and saved is now on the first place.
I guess it should work for everybody.

I’ve just opened it and saved it. Didn’t change anything on the watchface.

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Hi everybody. This should be easy, not?

I did a save again at the creator page, from my face Entertainer, without update in non-BETA version, nothing.
Did an update too, nothing on my other faces which i made after Entertainer.

Did an “upgrade” to BETA version.
Did it all again, nothing. Did it twice, nothing.

Must be me i guess. Disturbing. Maybe because i am not “pro”, but a free facemaker. I hope that is not the reason… This should all be documented somewhere where i could read how this process works. Need an ice bath.

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Same here.
But I noticed that @masterboyhr is using the App on non-iPhone device , I presume? On my iPhone the screen does not look like that at all…

Some times the server takes a bit of time . I always make some small change in the update . I have taken to putting an Update Date on some just for my own poor Memory . Reminds me I was going to Bubble up some Dead Ducks for fun .

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Yes, I’m using android phone (Samsung).

Unfortunately I have no idea if it will work on iPhone.


On my phone app same as on my desktop browser it changed the order immediately. I did save after I changed something, like toggled visibility off and back on. Or some transparent element size.

I am using beta creator page on PC with windows 10, Facer app 7.0.1 on Samsung S7 with android 8.

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Getting the most out of your devices there Peter . I just Bumped 6
faces that had less than 10 syncs . We will see .

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Think I know the answer. Yes they come late, but still… Oh yes, I tried and I tried, but nothing changed.

I think it depends from watch face versioning. I am a basic face maker! Not pro’s like you guys. I think this face versioning included with pro and above, has impact on the way saved/updated faces are presented on the preview page. It is not so documented, but I believe that’s causing this “phenomenon”.

Anyone wants to roll back to a basic one? :smile: Just to prove my point…
In the meantime, I keep on playing the basic guy!


Will . Try . Back to Basics .
I hav just Bumped a Face that previously got no syncs at all . It is a bit weird and a Premium Face . I have switched off the Beta . I don’t think it makes any difference . We will see .

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