Can I create a watchface analogic for apple watch series 6?

I want to do a personal watchface with an analogic watch with logos but I cant. Can someone help me?

@alexmaro96 Hi, Alex. So to get me to understand what you are trying to do, are you making a watch face for IOS or Android?

Thank you for your reply @ryanpaul28. I want to do a watch face for IOS, with clock hands but i cant.

@alexmaro96 Do you have a Apple smartwatch or an iPhone with the Apple Watch app on it? I’m not trying to spy on you or anything, and I don’t need the specific model. I just need to know if you have an iPhone.

@ryanpaul28 I have an Iphone and a Apple watch.

@alexmaro96 Okay, that’s good. So what you need to do go on your Apple watch companion app on your iPhone and somewhere there should be a way to customize and design your own Apple watch face. It is a .watchface file that you can send to your computer or laptop and import into Facer Creator via Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more. Once you get to Facer Creator, at the top of the page, there should be 2 selections of watch faces that you can create for Apple Watch. One of them should say “import”. Click on the button that says “import” and then a giant box with a large + sign in it should pop up. You will want to click on the box. If you still don’t understand, click on the words below the box that say, “what’s a .‘watchface’ file?” That will take you on how to make a watchface with analog time. I’m sorry if I’m not that great of a help. I don’t have an Apple watch, so I’m just telling you what I’ve heard. Tell me if everything works out alright.

By the way, I should also tell you that’s it’s not possible to make a Apple watch face that works with only one model. You’re watch face will work with any Apple watches that have watchOS 7 and up.

@ryanpaul28 I try to do a watch face in facer app and in facer page but the only that i can do its make a watch face with digital timer that couldnt move or edit. Also I try to upload .watchface file to edit it but the only thing to do its upload for community.

Hello, I’m having the exact same issue. It is unclear to me how to export a watchface file from the Apple Watch app to the computer so I can import and modify. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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