Can I use the click action facer after I upgrade to plus?

I want to know whether after I upgrade to plus or premium then I can use the click action in the facer?


Sorry, what do you mean by " the click action in the Facer "?

I think you mean the interactive buttons…
For this features you have to get Premium, not Plus. Plus means you can storage more watchfaces.

Oh, I see, thanks!

There’s actually 3 kinds of “Premium” I believe… there’s the “Plus”, the “Premium”, and then what you need to actually unlock the extra goodies within the Facer Creator is the “Pro”. “Premium” on the main Facer website just means you have access to all the watch faces “for free”.

Correct me if I’m wrong though o/

Oh, yes. You are right!

This chart might be the easiest way to compare: