Can someone create a Movado Saphire face?

I have a Movado Saphire and I would LOVE to have that same face for my Huawei. It would be nice if you could also incorporate a sort of silver battery gauge around the outside edge that’s very subtle. Maybe only at the bottom where “Swiss Made” and “Movado” is written? Quality is what I’m looking for and I know that doesn’t come free so paying isn’t an issue.

A picture of it:

I can do that for you.
Please send me a PM with all informations and we will check all the details.

HI @jdmeyer1

please check this

Mellin, not having any luck sending a message to you. Would you mind sending one to me please?

sunilupatil, I actually did check that out, but the resolution was very low and the hands had a “jagged” effect to them unfortunately.

@jdmeyer1 I have sent you a message.

you mean like this

Did you ever make that movado face?