Can someone help me pls?

I have a smartwatch bought in China H8… And I can’t connect on FACCER ( it tells me device not found ) It is possible to find some way to… Any help is appreciated. Thanks

It has to be WearOS, Tizen, or Apple (iOS) to be able to run Facer, and it looks like your Watch is probably not compatible sorry


Oh :disappointed: Thank u bro

Who knows if maybe exist an app that is compatible with everyone smartwatch!!

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These chinese watches has own OS. So u cant use Facer or other apps.

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As I wrote before: my first smartphone was chinese copy of Iphone.

It’s the same thing they said. It’s not, trust me.

So, unfortunately you get what you’ve paid for.
As one of my friends says: the only good thing that comes from the East is the Sun…

Inside Facer app (on phone) go to Settings - Watch Settings.
There is a list with pictures of watches that are compatible with Facer app.

In my opinion the best choice is Samsung Watch 5 PRO.

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