Can someone please animate/copy this watch design and turn it into a watchface?

I would like this dial to have a sweep second hand as the original and would be nice if it had the ticking sound of an analogue watch as well. ( 4hz)

Here is a link to the dial, there are many images on google as well.

White dial please .


The sound is a no-go.
Facer doesn’t support sounds.

If you want I can recreate it.
But I want to make it official, so that 10 people won’t create the same watch.

BTW.: Why 4 Hz? Doesn’t that mean 1 tick sound every 4 seconds?

4 Hertz means four beats a second. What do you mean make it official?


This would be a breach of Facers terms and conditions as it’d infringe copyright.

Can you help me create one - if I tell you what I would like ? Might teach me if it’s not too complicated ?

Sure, write me a private message with details and I will see what I can do.

As I said before: I want to make sure, only one person (selected by you) is working on it, so that, there would be only 1 face like this at the end and not 10 of them.


That’s fine by me.

How do I send a private massage ?

Click on my icon and then “message”.

Mmh. I can only press “member” " reader" "first share " and “8 more”

Pressing 8 more just accesses some badges.

Weird, when I click on your icon I have a “message” icon.
Try starting to write a message to yourself and then manually change user you want to send it.

ok Mellin - noted. It’s all yours buddy.


Ok, I’m on it.
To be sure, its functions are:

analog hours (12)
analog minutes
analog seconds
current day counter

Is that right?

PS.: Don’t worry about copyrights, there is a simple way to go over it - I will create a face that is similar but doesn’t use original watches name.

Here is first version: Mellin - Turquoise experience - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Anything wrong?
You want something changed?

the hour markers need to be silver not gold. The end of the seond hand should have a red tip for legibilty.

Better now?

Here’s a really hi-res image of the silver ticks - more straight-on view - from that L.U.C Sport 2000 if you want to try to lift them from the image. They have all the shadowing and reflections baked in already (just zoom the image and screen capture). Too bad the minute hand is over the 2-tick. I would steal the 5-tick and rotate 90 degrees - it’s close enough.

unfortunately a quick web crawl with an image serach will note enough similarities to the original copyright watch face - names are not the ony thing copyrighted… tbe careful he facer team would be well within their rights not to publiush this

If they won’t I will be perfectly ok with it @patdude

Back to the design @jmorga106 :
Is it better now?

What do you mean by those 2 and 5 ticks?

Looks good Mellin!
by “ticks” I meant the pointy markers that are replacing any real face numbers: