Can’t center background image

I’m working on my first design (it’s for a circle watch face) and am using a graphic that is circular. I want the center of my analog clock to appear at the center of this image. However, when I import the image and attempt to move it, the program snaps it to certain points and will not let me nudge the image to the center. Is there any way to turn off magnetics/snapping?

Update: I found it. (Duh) Please ignore.


Welcome. Good Start. Yeah switch that snap off. While you are there you will see with an Image layer there is an optional Alignment Tool down at the bottom. Enjoy. We look forward to seeing your Debut Face. On the top row of icons you will see the Sharing one. If you click that you can copy the Top link having selected Inspect then we can check your Formulas for you.
Obviously you have to post the link in a message here.

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You can also use the shift key and an arrow key to nudge pictures or text one pixel at a time.
Shift+< Shift+> Shift+^ Shift+v


F*** me…! For real? I wish I knew that little nugget of a tip ages ago! Lol



Thank you so much! I was truly going crazy trying to figure it out, and those are great tips!


Thanks for the Nudge Nugget MAG. I wish I could remember this stuff.