Can’t download Faces HELP PLEASE!

So I have emailed support and gotten one response approximately 5 days ago and nothing since then.

I used to have a Fitbit and I think this is the problem but here is what’s happening….

I have an apple 7 watch, I have paid for the month because I’ve already had a free trial with my Fitbit. I have been charged but an unable to download any premium faces.

The first pic is the first error message. So I contacted the email and they asked Me to restore the purchases and see what happened.

Well the second picture is the error message I got after trying to restore and now I can’t get any replies from the email so I started a new one and now we’re in day 2 and still no assistance. I would just say screw it but Facer has the best watch faces for apple and I’m not getting rid of my new watch. Can anyone help???

Charged and stuck in limbo

P.s Apparently new users can only embed one picture so in the comments will be the second picture

I’m confused here. First have you tried the original account that was used? Secondly you said:

I have an apple 7 watch, I have paid for the month because I’ve already had a free trial with my Fitbit.

I was not aware that Facer ever supported Fitbit watches.

That’s because I think that the Fitbit is what’s causing me to have these problems or to begin with

And yes they do support Fitbit as well

Yes I tried using the original account that’s what I thought I was using and I tried deleting the other account as well. I don’t know exactly which account it was that it says that I was logged in with Before, b/c I thought I only had it with my iPhone when I first got my old watch which was a Fitbit. I’m now trying to use it with my new watch which is an apple 7

Welcome to the Facer Community Carrie, and yes, this IS the best place for Smartwatch Faces :smiley:
I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem, and as I don’t have an Apple Watch, I can’t help sorry. However, I can air my thoughts: have you tried changing your paired Watch with the Facer App? I was thinking that the problem may be because in the App your old FitBit may still be associated with it, and not your new Apple 7. Also, when looking at Faces in the App, it will only show Faces compatible with your associated Watch, for example, I have a Galaxy Watch, so it only shows me the normal round Faces available, not any Apple Faces.
I hope you get this problem sorted out real soon, and please…have a very happy Christmas time :santa: :smiley: