Can there be full watch face in dim mode?

HI! I use LG G Watch urban and Moto 360 2nd. Can there be full watch face in dim mode? I use watchmaker and all their watch faces work full face in dim mode. That’s a big let down for me. I seen your wining watch face in news, Installed your app and when I was going to buy the face, I found that no full face in dim mode.

@exsum, No watchfaces (FULL) are created in DIM mode, because of battery consumption.

I think :wink:

However you can add an image file to dim mode. theres no restrictions on color for those nor size… so you can shadow your main background if you wish… But AlemaoBRA is right that would drain mucho battery… Check out two of my watches “Mr Happy Time” and “Turning Japanese Vol I” use Grayscale images as the background, sorta like turning off the lights … and they look fantastic… Cheers

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How do I add custom hands to Dim Mode? I’d like to use the same as in Active, but when I upload them in Dim, they don’t show up. As a result, all I’m left with is text in Dim.

You can either use the same hands or a second set of hands for active mode vs. dim mode. Just click on the eye icons to turn on and turn off which hands are visible in which modes.


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Thank you, John. I was up until 2 AM fixing watch hands after reading your reply. :slight_smile:

Wow @Linlay now THAT’S dedication! :smile:

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I had 50+ to check, so I figured I’d better do all before more people tried to sync the ones that need to be fixed. Maybe a little OCD? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: