Can you edit other user Faces with Face editor?

So i found a Face that is very cool but for some reason its not working with Galaxy Watch 4:

It seems you can open with the editor and make changes, but i cant sync with the watch.
Is this a normal behaviour? Because i can sync in the site outside the editor mode.

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You can inspect the face but you cannot sync those changes to your watch or save them. This is an obbvious precaution.Only fully published faces, or your own draft faces can be synced to your watch.

The only thing you can do is try and create a similar watch with the same elements yourself, find out what might be wrong and make one of your own and report the error to the creator.

There have been lots of instances reported of facer watches not completely working with Galaxy 4 watches and it is possibly due to the fact that they are new and the only watches to have Wear OS 3. The watch Developer would hopefully be greatful for your feedback and, if a paid developer, will work closely woth facer to resolve this.

This is not a paid developer but if you describe the error you are seing then maybe other folks here who have a Galaxy 4 might be able to help @milton_hoyos resolve the issue as there are often discrepencies between what is seen in the creator and view modes versus various watches themselves.


short answer: no you can not edit others’ work. Inspector mode is for educational purposes only. You can learn a lot about building and coding faces but any changes you make in that mode are not saved and can’t be synced, for good reason. But welcome, and have fun getting started!


Go with the short answer

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Ok, thank you guys.

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Forgot to ask, but is there a way to contact the creator besides the reviews messages?

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unless you can find them on the forums here, or if they have any social media linked to their profile, I’m afraid not

reviews, forums here, or some of us can also be found on the Facer Slack channel where you can DM.