Can you help me with this little topic

Can you help me with this little topic
It is the first time, that I try to load an advertising video in app facer.
And the system does not give me, add a video advertisement,
to the design, which I already have … “MiO ContentO”.
I was reading that the maximum amount of Mb that can be loaded from a video file is 20 Mb, and MP4.
My file is 4.11 Mb, and MP4, 52 seconds long …
Is there someone who has already uploaded videos and has experience, to help me?
I would be very grateful for the help …
Cordially :slightly_smiling_face:

i believe you need a still shot for preveiw image. pick your x.mp4 at top then insert pic in crop box

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I haven’t added video previews very often, but I seem to remember that it always looked like something was missing but when I hit save it still worked :slight_smile: But Jlcash is right, you need to place a preview image for sure to make it let you save it.


Thank you very much @jlcash61 and @kvansant for your attention!!!

I tried, too, in the way that @jlcash61 says.
And he does not load …

I tried with other files also in MP4, with less Mb …
And he does not load …
Very interesting…
From my computer, that I know, all good …
I keep thinking, how to do …

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I tried, and for now, I can not upload the file
Well, I want to thank again !!!, for your attention and help@kvansant and @jlcash61 :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
For me, this group is very wonderful !!! for the good people there are !!!
In cases where I was able to upload the file …
I’ll tell you how it went … :wink:
For now I’m going to rest a bit … see you tomorrow!
Cordially JDCardozo

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You are most graciously welcome friend

Sorry you not have any luck

Good night

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