Can you make step count 5 digits long

I am creating a new watch face similar to the pebble design where the screen just shows large numbers for the time, date, battery and steps. For the step count I would like it to be 5 digits long and start as 00000 then increase up accordingly, 00001, 00002, 00003, etc… the maximum count I would like it to be would be 30000.

Is there an expression for this? Any help would be appreciated!

=) k

Hello @kloder21, here is a link to expressions from @eradicator09 for separated step digits. So you could easily place every “zero” when ever you like :wink:

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Yes, and fairly simply:

  1. Set the ‘steps’ field to ‘right justified’, and use a fixed width font (eg. ‘Roboto Condensed’).

  2. Add a second text field ‘left justified’ (you will need to adjust the X-position), with nested conditional.


    IF step-count <10 “0000” ELSEIF <100 “000” ELSEIF <1000 “00” ELSEIF <10000 “0” ELSE “”

NOTE: This will gracefully handle beyond 99999, if you are ultra-marathoning (and NO, I don’t want to know).

Thanks Tomas!