Can you please add HR to "Night and Day"


I LOVE you watchface, I’ve been trying to contact you about adding HR to the watch face or perhaps other colors that I can change of the mountains. If that’s a lot of work I can pay you for it? I would love these 2 features!!! I can’t see myself using any other face except this one! You’re a freaking awesome designer.

Hi drixlrey

Out of curiosity what watchface you like.
Last time HuppiFluppi was online in the community forum was Dec 2017, (according to profile) not sure if the member is active

I believe you like this watchface

The last online timestamp doesn’t tell anything about me. I still receive E-Mails of every comment :slight_smile:

I added an advanced version with Hearth-Rate and themeable Mountains. It is currently “in review” by facer. I will inform you as soon as it is available (the name is “Night and Day Advanced”):

The Heart-Rate is on the summit:

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Great Job !!!

I really like it too

It was just published:

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