Can you publish a watch face as demo?

Someone just told me that you can publish a watch face as a demo for someone to test on their watch…

If it’s possible, can someone tell me how?

Do you need to be a Creator Partner?

If you make a watch face you can send a link to view it, but they won’t be able to sync it to their watch. Here is a link to one of my “test” watch faces that I use to test codes on to see if they function.

Test Watch

You will notice that the sync button on the bottom right is grayed out and you can’t sync it. You can publish a face for testing but it’s published then and anyone can sync it and use it. At least until you delete it and they have deleted it from their watch box.

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Yea! That’s what you told before I believe but this person was telling me that it is a way to do it and I was confused… Thank you for helping me out again @mrantisocialguy ! :+1:

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