Earlier this week my credit card was charged and an invoice sent to me. I’m no longer using Facer. I sent email inquiring about cancelling my account and getting my money back. I have yet to hear back from your staff. What else do I need to do to ensure this happens?

For premium issues, you need contact Facer Support at: or email them at:

Not many people want to cancel their accounts after they get used to wearing Premium watch faces. Did you have technical issues on an Apple Watch? If so did you refer to Facer’s Support FAQ’s:

No technical issues, really. It’s just that … I’m not interested in Facer anymore. And hence, I don’t feel the need to shell out another $39 for another year when the Apple face options suit my needs.

I see.

We had that talk before… when you subscribe to Premium there is a notification (it’s very clear) that it will renew automatically. You didn’t cancel it and you’ve been charged.
I’m not defending Facer but it’s your fault and your fault only, you didn’t cancel subscription.
Everything works like that, that’s how I’m paying Netflix, Google… you’ll be charged until you cancel.

If you become a Gym member and you don’t workout is it the Gym’s fault?

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Ok I get the fact that it’s people’s own fault forgetting to cancel and that’s on them but the fact that there is no place on the website or app plus no reference on the support site to cancel your account is a tactic to make it too hard to cancel. This is a horrible customer experience. I tried calling the number and it’s just a google voice forward and asks to leave a message. I guess I’ll try to email them to cancel but next step is to call my credit card company and block any further charges.

If I’m missing something and there is an easier way to cancel please let me know. Thank you.

Yes, it’s really complicated.
You have to click “cancel”.