Cancel my Facer "Pro" subscription

Hey @Facer_Official – A few days ago I decided to cancel my Facer Pro subscription (the subscription that gives you full access to the Pro editor, not the “Premium” subscription), and thankfully I did it with a specific debit card that I only add money to when I want to pay for something, otherwise you guys would have kept charging me. In the span of time since I tried to cancel it I’ve received maybe 4 e-mails already saying the payment was unsuccessful, and my cancel action is still “pending”.

Could you PLEASE process that already? Sorry if I’m coming across a little ticked, but it’s starting to get annoying.


Thank you in advance.

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Just one more reason I will never become a “paid” subscriber to Facer.

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I love the watch face I made with Facer Pro, the one reason I went for it, and will use it until the watch gives out on me lol. It wasn’t a waste of money to my eyes, but this lack of efficiency in almost every regard from Facer is really annoying.


Have you tried sending an email to the support address or raising a ticket in the help section?

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@mikeoday – Was going to, but decided I’m gonna ride the wave and see just how long it’ll take them to process this, with this forum post as constancy. It’s not like they take any time at all to take your money the second you opt into one of their many different kinds of premium services, but the moment you try to cancel something, get any kind of support, get them to acknowledge anything on the forums… oh boy.

Hope you are wearing a full wet suit with hoodie riding that wave, else you might get cold… :cold_face:

I have 2 support calls open with Facer at present (fortunately not relating to payment).
One dated 25 January 2020 and the other 10 February 2020. Not a single response to either, despite a few bumps from my side requesting feedback…

I considered logging a few others since to detail some peculiar behaviours with expressions that I found, but decided not to waste my time.

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When you say you did not get a response, did you not get an email with a ticket number?

I always get the email with the ticket# immediately but that’s just an auto-bot response. Actual human follow-up has been days/weeks or not at all. at the end of a recent email to support I put a PS along the lines of “because I don’t usually get a response I am not even sure if anyone is reading this, will you please just send me a quick confirmation that this message was read by a real person” That was several days ago, and of course no response.

But, to give credit where it’s due… It took quite a lot more effort on my part than it should have but though generally I don’t care about replicas (they’re all over facer) I do care that they generally occupy a lot the space in the promoted “top” and “trending” lists, since that promotion should be going to designers following the rules. So on two occasions I have notified Facer of instances where a user had multiple well known watch brand name clones being featured in those lists. It took multiple emails and considerably more time than it should have but they did eventually remove those faces.

Considering that all of us are in different parts of the world, we don’t know what people are going through with the Chinese Virus that started months ago. This probably is not the best time to question business practices.

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With no response, I mean nothing on the actual ticket listed on the support website. The automatic email with the ticket number I always receive.

I even provided the unanswered ticket numbers in a reply to later support call to which Facer did respond after more than a week, but that request for a reply was ignored too.

This dates back to January, before the recent virus scare became main stream outside of China, plus the online world should be least affected of all by this virus.

During January and February 2020 I submitted 5 support calls to Facer.
Of the 5, one (the first) was dealt with within 5 days - fine.
Another was resolved after about 2 weeks, the third disappeared and is no longer listed on my support page (I still have the reference number received in the automatic email reply) and the other 2 remain open without a single response on the tickets after one and two months respectively.
I don’t want to debate this much further since it will not achieve much here. You can decide if this is acceptable support or not.

Oh hi, it’s Linlay of course.

No doubt this might just be what they’ll hide behind when they eventually respond. This doesn’t take away the fact this inefficiency has always been the same from Facer; from the day I joined, and from what I’ve read, from much earlier on at the least.
That said, businesses that have an online presence (other than just a physical store) are working exactly the same as ever, from their online support to marketing and sales departments. Hell even when you buy something online the Mail/Delivery company (whatever company that may be) still works as fluidly as ever.

This is as good a time as any to question any kind of practice.

That has not been my experience. Fortunately, some of the international companies that I do business with sent out emails to customers to let them know about delays and/or temporary closings.

Good luck to you.


Process finally came through. Better late than never I suppose o/
Thanks @Facer_Official :v:

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