Cannoit find companion app

I have installed the facer app several times from both samsung galaxy store and google play. EVERY time it tells me I need a “companion” appfor my gear S2, but it NEVER shows me the app to dl it ALWAYS takes me to the Samsung web store where it shows a lot of un-related stuff ,

Doing a search comes up null as far as the companion app.

So how do I find/get the companion app for a Gear S2?

Phone Galaxy J3 Prime Watch Galaxy Gear S2

I have a similar issue. I get an error “product does not exist in this store” This is the link it’s directing me to.

that is the screenshot

Sorry about that! Quick questions:

  • what watch model do you use?
  • what version of Tizen does it run?
  • what country do you live in?

The availability of Facer is controlled by Samsung based on some of these parameters and we’ll investigate with them to understand why you aren’t able to see it.

Gear S2, in the US. I can’t find the Tizen version

I have the same problem. I can’t find the app companion. I have a Samsung Gear2, Model: SM-R380, Tizen Vertion: R380XXU0BOA2 and i live in Brazil.

My issue is resolved. I applied some updates and it works now.