Cannot Get To My Watchbox

Using Gen 2 Moto 360 and Nexus6 Phone

I do not know how to do shone screen shot so I’ll describe the page. After I tap the little heart which is on the bottom of most pages it goes to a page with a picture of a heart near the middle of the page, it says “favorites” next to the picture. There is a band across the bottom of the screen where you see places to click: star, look-for, something else, the heart which says “watchbox” under it, and a square with a pen for sharing. The heart has a red spot on it. When I click it, both right or left nothing happens. Normally when I click that spot I am taken to my watchbox. Something new and STRANGE- I can get to my purchased faces using the normal procedure.

I can also send free faces from the Faces website directly to my watch if I fiddle with it a bit. But if I change my watch face I cannot get back to it unless I download and send it directly to my watch all over again.

weird ???

Thanks for trying to help me with this.

On 2/19/2018 11:34 AM, Facer wrote:

Facer_Official Facer Staff
February 19

Hi @mariposarojo,

Can you share a screenshot of that empty watchbox? That may help us understand what is happening.

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