Cannot install Facer Companion App on Note 8/ Gear S2

Like the title says. Not sure who to try and get a hold of about this but for the last couple of a days I cannot install the Facer Companion App onto my Gear S2 Classic. The app doesn’t even show up in the Galaxy Apps. If you go through the Facer app to get the link for the Companion App you get the error the app does not exist? Worked great on my S8+ with Gear S3. Not sure why this is happening? I am in the USA


Which country do you live in? We are working through some of these issues with Samsung.

I live in the U.S.

I also cannot install it on my note 8 and my gear s2 here in Canada

Same here in US, on Galaxy S6/Gear S2. Installs fine on a Note 8/S3 combo, so not a regional or carrier thing. Noteworthy is that the S6 phone had been rooted (not currently though), and Knox had been tripped…

The S2 is model SM-R730T.

Has anyone been able to install this? Note8 with Gear S2 Classic?

My Note 8 updated and my Facer watch face was wiped out. Just a black screen. I cannot get it going again.

@BartCarter I think this is due to the Tizen 3.0 update, you should be able to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling the companion app.

@es.lock.73 we haven’t heard many reports of people not being able to install except for in a few key countries, I believe the above issues were temporary last month. Which country are you in, and are you not seeing the Facer Companion App in the Samsung store?

I am in Nevada, U.S.A.
Companion does not show in the Samsung Galaxy App Store

Which device do you have, and which carrier do you use?

I have a Gear S3, Note 8 and Sprint is my carrier

Solution for me==> When going to the Samsung Galaxy App Store, the phone was always choosing “Phone.” I saw there was also a “Gear” choice that I had to manually select. After the right combination of choices, I was able to get my phone to go to the “Gear” side of the Samsung Galaxy App Store and I was able to download Facer Companion for Gear.

Hope this helps someone. Who knew that you had to force over to “Gear” to get the “Gear” side.

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I have the same issue. I have a Note 8 and Gear S2, however, the companion app says no longer available. I live in the UK.
Can Facer just upload an APK file to install on the watch itself?

What combination did you use to find the companion app?

I’m also in the US and I cannot find the app in Galaxy Apps.

I’m on a Note 8 and Gear S2.

I have the same problem I live in Costa rica

Hi all,

We are working on a final fix for this and hoping to make Facer available worldwide for Samsung users by next week.