Cannot make In-app purchases

Tried to purchase the Star Trek LCARS face and was told that In-app purchases were not enabled. Is there a setting that I missed?

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So sorry about this! Can you confirm you have been able to purchase apps or items on Google Play in the past?

Having same issues, was able to purchase in the past

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Thanks for your report @isolod - we’re actively investigating this issue. Quick question: are you able to see the prices of the watch faces in the Facer app? Or are all the prices showing β€œβ€“β€?

It comes and goes. When I get the message failed purchase, I can not see the price of the face, just a picture of the cart. But now I do see the price and can make purchases.

Hi there!

We just released Facer 4.6.6 in beta and it includes bug fixes for this issue. Could you give it a try and let us know if it works for you?

To download the beta: How to join the Facer Beta – How can we help?