Cannot see created watchfaces in the app

Hi I created a couple of watchfaces on mu macbook for private use only… i saved them and sync with my WearOs smartwatch. But i cannot see these watchfaces in the app in mu profile and i cannot see it on my watch in the facer app Myfaces menu…

Can someone help me??

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Hi @u.karakaya, welcome!

Your profile is public and will only show published watch faces.
You can see your drafts in the “Watchbox” in the bottom menu. It will show your favorites, etc, and the drafts are under “My designs”


Thanks for your answer…

But in the iphone app of facer i don’t have an option of mydesign or watchbox…
And in my profile it says you don’t have any created, create new one… see picture

Maybe under favorites? This is in the android app at least:

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Unfortunately, there is no option for watchbox in the iphone app… not in the favourites or elsewhere…

Another problem in my wearos Fossil watch, there is a myfaces option: these faces are pre-assembled and i cannot change these faces toe my own favourites… is there a way to change these?

Can someone from facer self help me??