Cannot send a Draft watchface from creator

Sent a draft watch face (not published yet) from Creator (basic version on my windows laptop) to my watch (Samsung Active 2), after saving it in Creator. Cannot see it on the Facer android app. Not synching to my watch.
My watch is connected to my phone via Bluetooth.

Note: the only watch face I can see and sync is another one published by me few days ago.

Please advice.


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Your unpublished watch faces do not show on the Facer phone app. (at least mine don’t) but I synced an unpublished watch face from the Creator to my Gear S3 this morning and another unpublished face to my Active 2 yesterday. I’ve noticed that most times I have to have my phone active and the Facer app in use before it will go ahead and sync though. You might also try saving the face then clicking the 3 dots and selecting “View” from the menu and syncing from there.



It doesn’t work for me

The best method I have found for sending a draft to my watch is to send from the editor and use WiFi instead of Bluetooth.

I agree with @ircrotale

Recently I have noticed that while my Galaxy Watch is connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth, syncing watch faces (published or otherwise) was not possible

As soon as I turn off BT on my iPhone (or watch) syncing is immediate

I hope this helps