Cannot store more than 10 faces

I lost a lot of faces I previously downloaded. Lately I can store just 10 faces. Why is that suddenly?


Sorry about that! Are you referring to the faces you can access by triple tapping on your watch? This component only shows the 10 most recently synced faces - would you like to see more? Or maybe see your watchbox there? We are improving this part of the app right now and your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there, I have the same problem, ive been in facer long time and had an amazing watch face collection that doesnt appear on my watch anymore since the last 3 updates, the thing is that i think they are still there! Because every time I delete one of those few faces i can access on my watch (huawei watch), there appear one of my previous downloaded faces replacing the deleted one, just hope my feedback is helpful, and that you guys can fix it, for that the ones that surfed your app searching for incredible faces wont lose all our collection, thank you very much in advance, and hey guys your app rocks! Cheers!