Cannot sync faces on Huawei Watch

I cannot sync any watchface to my Huawei Watch. It used to be working. I designed many faces and worked okay. Then all of a sudden it stopped syncing. I deleted / reinstalled several time the app. No use. The blue “worm” cycles around for some minutes than returns to an empty face (Facer logo as a matter of fact.) Not even basic face is available.
At installation it requests access to internal storage and pics, etc + overlay.
It say after installation, that triple-tap to change face. But there is nothing to select!

I cannot test any longer the designs I make. I need urgent help!!!

Zig did you also try rebooting you phone, log out and back in to both the phone app and Creator?

I did restart phone (tablet) several times as well as the watch.
Finally I could resolve. After a new installation I declined all access requests and ignored the layout request. Than next startup I allowed them. Now it works. Strange enough I had the watchfaces installed prior to the entire problem. I have installed - deleted the app several times in the meantime.