Cannot transfer watch face from windows 10 pc to galaxy watch

I can transfer from the Facer app on my Samsung s8 to the galaxy watch but when I try it from the pc to the watch it will not work. When I click on send to watch icon on pc it displays “sent” but it is never received on the watch. The phone, pc and watch are all connected to the same wifi network.

Any suggestions much appreciated…

Its a well known issue over here. What I do is push send in pc then I open facer app on the phone. That. somehow, wake up the cloud syncing and the face reaches the watch. Sometimes I have to try several times… good luck.

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Thanks Carlos…tried that and it didnt work…

@Tecki what @carlosfilippa suggested usually works and I also have same problem with syncing pc to watch, and also use same method as Carlos’s. Make sure you are signed into the same email account on the PC also before trying again ?

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tried that several times again and still no luck…logged in on pc with the same details as on the app on the phone…watch, pc and phone all on same wifi network…weird !

@Tecki hmm not sure then maybe @Facer_Official can help