Cannot use Facer on Noisefit Halo or any other Noise watch

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So I recently got the Noisefit Halo smartwatch and wanted to use the facer watch faces however I’m not able to connect my watch

Not sure about the OS being used and there is literally no info about it anywhere.

Can it still be helped?

Looking at your Watch online I would assume, especially for the price, that isn’t running iOS, Tizen, or WearOS, so I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not compatible with Facer.
I did read that you can download/edit your own Faces using your Noise app.


Hi all…

So is there any update regarding this ?

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You need to check the list of Watches that Facer supports . A lot of Watches will not Load Third Party Apps or Faces . It is not just the Budget Ones Either . Garmin do not allow 3rd Party Apps as far as I know .
I am pretty certain Facer has no plans to support NIOSE .