Can't add faces

This used to work so I don’t know what’s changed, but now whenever I open the Facer app on my phone the Featured page is usually blank or sometimes says “uh oh can’t connect to internet”. My other apps are connected just fine.

Also, is there a way to push faces from the browser to the app? I thought so, but I don’t see that option.

I’ve tried updating the app on my phone, I restarted my phone, I’ve double checked that other apps are working correctly. What am I missing?

In the meantime, you can send faces onto your watch via Facer website -

Try also manually deleting all stored data of your Facer app and after that delete it, restart your phone, install it again and again restart.

Hi Mellin, you seem to be the most qualified so I apologize for piggybacking on someone elses issue, and hope that you can help. I tried this suggestion as I have been unable to download faces for a few months now. The only faces that i can save are from daily mix. Everything else goes to a perpetual "loading watch face " screen and then reverts back to last face. Usually 2-3 minutes. Tried all the resets, reloads, suggestions in forum but still nothing. saw your response here and tried downloading drectly, with same results, or lack thereof.
Any assistance you can give would be sincerely appreciated.

First of I apologize, but I need to ask: did you try to deinstal Facer from your main device, then restarted both main and watch and saw that Facer is no longer and at the end installed it again?

Next thing: I saw that syncing from the website works only when one is logged in to Facer app.

Thank you for the response. I did remeove everything before starting over. Deinstalled both watch and phone apps. Restarted both watch and phone. Reloaded phone app, then reloaded watch companion app. Numerous times over last 2 months. Strange thing is this all worked fine for the first year I had the watch. Really enjoyed rotating my selection and having the ability to change the faces situationally. Then the Mix feature hit (within 3-4 days of AW2) and kaboom. Only ability for choice now is Daily Mix. Made sure I was logged in on website when I tried that as well. same result, endless buffer.
Huawei watch-1st gen
HTC One M9 phone
Facer app 3.1.13_3022