Can't Bypass Triple Tap to Explore Screen

I just upgraded from a Fossil Gen 2 to a Fossil Gen 4 running Wear OS and I just started getting the Triple Tap option. It seems like it comes up quite a bit, not sure why. Anyway, I can tap the heck out of my watch and most times nothing happens. Can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do. Sometimes when my watch wakes up or I’ve rebooted after an update, instead of going to my current selected face, it gives me the stupid Triple Tap to Explore screen and I’ve gotta tap it like 20 times to get past that screen. My wife has a new Fossil Gen 3 and has the same issue. It seems like it’s not recognizing my taps or something and is completely non-responsive. Is there a way to bypass this feature or even turn it off? What’s the point of it anyway? I miss not having to bypass this screen on my previous watch.

The reset to default screen is a known issue its happening lately and @Facer_Official is working on that. I have an Gen3 Explorist myself but I dont having a problem for triple tapping, just that welcoming screen. It takes a time to load and watch becoming responsive, but then triple tap works fine…

Same here. :frowning:
@ Carlos, that’s probably how my watch got reset to 24-hr. time the other day. I had been messing around trying to get rid of the Explore screen and mistakenly hit 24-hr. Good thing you helped me with that or I’d still be on 24-hr.

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Hello, even after the last update I have the problem with the triple touch and when I turn off and on again LG Style does not appear the last saved face.

Hi all!

Thanks for the reports! This bug was indeed introduced in the last Facer update and will be fixed in beta today. We’ll release this fix to all users once we confirmed it’s no longer an issue with beta users.

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