Can't connect to my watch on 2.0 DP


I’ve my watch (Huawei Watch) on Developper preview 5
I’ve the Facer app installed both on my watch and my phone. And all the authrorization are ON (storage) on both the phone app and watch app.
When I try to set a watchface , the phone app says “Cannot connect to the watch”.

The current watchface on the watch is the Facer one and of course I’ve tried to restart the watch or reinstall the app several times

It worked perfectly while I was on Android Wear 1.5

Doed the app support Android Wear 2.0 Developper Preview ?


EDIT : The phone still give me the same error message, but now the watchface is transfered to the watch. So it’s at least partially fixed :smile:

Asus zenwatsh2 on android wear v.2