Cant delete Facer watch faces!

Can anyone please help?
I am no longer able to delete Facer watchfaces from my Gear S3

I would like to download watchfaces but now don’t want to as I fear I will use up memory and then can do nothing but reset my Samsung Gear S3 to remove them

Your watch itself only stores the last 10 or so syncs (+10 more with Facer plus). Sync as many as you’d like and just add the ones you want to come back to in your favourites folder :slight_smile: I’ve never had to delete things :slight_smile:

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I believe it only keeps the most recent 10, or 20 for facer plus. What do you mean you are no longer able to delete them though? What exactly is happening? It might be important for facer to hear about this in case its a bug that needs to be addressed.

I used to be able to delete the individual faces with a minus symbol or swipe upwards or something like that. I now find that there is no way to delete them like we can with the ‘Watchmaker’ app

I want to choose what is loaded on the watch and it seems to me that if I want to free up any memory and remove some I am bored with then my choice has gone to remove from the watch itself

Hmm yeah, the way it’s supposed to be done is hold your finger on the face you want to delete and then slide your finger up and that will bring up a trash can button. You cannot delete the face you are currently using however. If that’s still not working it may be a tizen bug. Give it a try and let us know if it worked or not.

Thanks for your help!
I tried as suggested but no luck. Nothing happens and unfortunately it deters me from downloading anymore faces as I will not be able to delete any of them going forwards.

Dang, well let’s see if @Facer_Official can help then. We wouldn’t want you to not be able to enjoy more faces. That is the complete opposite of the reason we use facer in the first place