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Can't download any of your faces

I’m unable to download any faces on my galaxy 5 watch. My monthly pass is active and I have uninstalled and installed the facer program and it still doesn’t work. This is what it tells me to do after I choose a face:

SELECT FACER AS YOUR CURRENT WATCH FACE. I do this and it goes to home screen, then I don’t know what to do next?

Companion app to be activated. Where is the companion application?

If we can’t get this issue resolved soon I will be canceling my subscription.

Thank you,
Ms. Kathy

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Welcome @kathy50jackson . Stick with it . It is a bit more fiddley to get Facer on your watch these days . I can not remember all the steps that clearly . I have GW4 so I can only talk about what I see . In your apps on your Watch ( I swipe up ) down the bottom you should find the facer app Icon . Obviously click on that . Take it from there . You must check your Galaxy Wearable App on your Phone to make sure you have a connection . You can check there and see if Facer is one of your Faces . Facer has to be selected as one of the Faces to sync Facer Faces . If you are seeing Non of this you must go to the Facer App on your Phone . Obviously you have selected the type of watch . Go to the settings ( Three Parallel Bars ) and re-install the companion app . It is a good Idea to go for a Restart now and again . Do this all over the Bluetooth Connection .
Get Back if you have no Luck and we will get Vienna Studios Involved .


I will try you suggestion

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I tried what you said, I clicked on the facer icon and I looked at my watch and it had taken me to where is shows me 100k faces for you, daily mix, trending faces, recently used, my favorites, my faces, browse more settings. In settings the only thing that it has is unit system, time format, get more faces for free, scan QR code, restart purchases, powered by facer.
That is what I get. I’m going to delete the app annd reinstall it and see what happens.

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Well done. Sorry you are reloading everthing. Sorry it is frustrating but you are so nearly there.

On that list on your watch you get when you click the Plus sign. Try My Favourites. This looks at the Faces you have Liked fom Facer.

Keep at it there are Thousands of Fantastic Faces made by hundreds of great Makers and People who are Prepared to Customise thier work for you. Most Exciting is you have a good chance to make your own Face as the Platform has been set up to make it easy to stay Making your own Faces.

Sorry for our time Zone Difference.

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Do you have the facer app on your watch as well as your phone, that is the companion app, you need to download it on both, it is different for all watches to download the companion app on watch.

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I’m having the EXACT same issue as her with my Galaxy watch 5 pro. I’ve got the app on my samsung galaxy ultra and my watch and for the life of me I cannot get the watch(facer) to download to the watch pro. Just like her I get the facer app that says 10k faces etc and it gets stuck on that screen. any ideas?

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Welcome @dmckinney7. I presume you have Rebooted watch and Phone. Check the steps above. We have not had any feed back positive or Negative. If the fails you will have to contact Little Labs letting them know what watch and Phone you have.

@kathy50jackson @dmckinney7 I am busy preparing a document that may help you and others with the reinstallation of the Companion app on Samsung watches . can you both tell me what watches you are trying to connect .