Can't find this watch face on facer anymore!

I have been using one watch face on my watch since a very long time but now I can’t find it. Can anyone here help me to find this watch face. please!

I am assuming that watch face was most likely taken down due to copyright infringement by using Louis Vuiton.

Sirius Designs.


Any chances of it coming back? Or any other way to get it?

Sorry, just checking, but are you sure this is a Facer watch face? I ask because a Google search comes up with a LV App displaying this face.

Was it a free face or a purchased face?

If purchased you migh still find it in your order history on the Play Store.

It was free. I checked my watch face history on facer and it shows me this error.

It most likely will not come back. It was most most likely taken down due to copyright infringement so even if someone re published the design, it would get taken down again for copyright. I’m sorry.

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I think Orion might be right. I just checked and quite a few faces have recently been removed, including I think faces by this designer.

Heres a very similar one. Ayme - Vuitton Tambour - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer