Can't get face image 9n watch

Trying to get face app to work on my watch. Samsung watch 3. I was trying to get iron maiden but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me please

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Hello! @sangelucci
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Regarding your question …
It is a broad question to be able to give you a concrete and safe answer … For now I will help you with this information so that you can adapt to the system and program …

For the beginning, I recommend that you look and read this instruction page that will help you a lot, with your questions … :point_left:

If you like to program and design … See this page of facer, which will inform you about the subject … It’s very interesting !!!
Tutorials-facer :point_left:

I hope that I have been able to help you with the question.

Cordially! JDCardozo

If you have downloaded the Facer App on your Android Phone/Tablet, and your Samsung Watch is connected to it, then I see no reason why it shouldn’t work. If you’re trying to send Faces using a computer or anything other than the App, then you’ll need to ensure you are paired via Bluetooth. (I can’t send Faces from here or in the Creator to my Samsung watch, as my laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, but I have no problems sending them using the App on my Phone). Oh, I am connected to my Phone all the time via Bluetooth and the Galaxy Wearable App, which is free in the Play Store.

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I’ve been having trouble off an on ( mostly off) sending faces to my Samsung watch as wel) . I’ve tried making sure that they Galaxy wear is open( a workaround I found online) as well as Facer and they rarely send. I was able to get it to work from my computer last night.