Can't get faces onto watch

Hi, I have a Tag Heuer connected 2020. I had Facer working on it and was getting watch faces downloaded. However a problem with the watch meant I had to do a full reset. I have facer on the watch again and can get the daily mix and default face, but no matter what I do I cant get faces to go onto the watch at all. I set it up as a new watch on my phone with the facer app, including reading the QR code and it said it was connected. Watch and phone bluetooth are on and both are connected, yet I cannot get any faces onto the watch.

Ideas please?

Sorry I can’t think of anything other than reloading all the software again with the latest versions.

You could lodge a support request with Facer at:

and/or sent them an email at:

They will I believe want you to list all the hardware model and software version information.

Thanks for the reply Mike, however I think I have the solution. It appears the faces will only download onto the watch if the watch is connected to the charging station.
Seems weird to me as I assume the download goes to the app on the phone first, then to the watch, but that may not be the case.

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Ok, that is weird. Anyway I’m glad you found a solution.


My short term memory is shocking, but I’m sure I never had to do that when I had it working originally.

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Hi craigmtr,
Speaking of our memory, I remember having that problem when the battery in my 3-yr-old Moto 360 Gen 2 was dying. It would charge, but it didn’t have enough power to download a face. I didn’t try downloading while on the charger. How old is your watch/battery? Does the charge seem to run out quickly?

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Watch is a couple of weeks old, so battery not an issue.

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hello m8

I also have the 2020 Tag Heuer Connected since release, but have not had any issues with getting Facer and watch faces to show correctly and no, it does not need to be on the charger, not in my experience over the last couple of months. Not sure what the issue could be that you are having

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If it’s a new watch the battery can’t be the problem unless it’s defective. Have you reloaded the software on your phone and watch as Mike suggested?

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No, because it works if I download whilst on the charging station.

do you have to put your watch on the charger to update apps also?

I know mine notified me of this when I fist purchased it, but you can overide this by scrolling up on the notification and selecting update anyway and forces update without the charger. Try this and see if you can then update faces whilst on your wrist???

huh weird, im happy that your watches work now but i think that this is not normal, because my galaxy watch just “syncs” the watchfaces without the charging station just fine.

Thanks, will try that when I get an update notification.

Hi [ssjedwards] where did u get that tag heuer face it’s amazing. I looked on Facer but couldn’t find it

if that guy is still around maybe he’ll answer, but I would guess either that’s a stock TAG face (not Facer) or one he made himself and didn’t publish. TAG is pretty aggressive about protecting their brand and that face would likely get flagged and removed from Facer. But honestly there is really nothing special about that face, it would be really easy to make it for yourself with or without the TAG logo. Just don’t publish it and it’s not a problem.

Thanks for reply I’ve just tried creating on my watch no joy with that 1